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Knoxville, TN

The Turducken in the bag

Cleaning up the Cajun Juice

The Beast unsheathed.

The bird at rest

Like a beacon in the night.guiding the way

The seat of honor

Chris enjoying some pre-food preparation NHL2K

The aftermath of Jason's beating

Brian attempts to run Jason's record to 0-2

"Jason's tied the scor

Chris in a Winnie-The-Pooh pose with the crab-cheese filling

Chris and Brian work on the black bean seafood soup

"The Soup"

Crab-cheese Dumpling ground zero

"The Soup" continues to simmer

Jason's King Deep Fryer

The bird(s) and Big John's...T-Minus 1 hour

More shrimp than we possibly need...bacon wrapped and raw

Chris returns with skewers

Brian skewers shrimp while Chris prepares to deep fry things

Chris in his seminal role as Head Deep Fryer

Jason eager to get at the almost finished bird(s)

The almost-ready, semi-assembled feast

Jeff finally's an official 2.22 again :)

Turducken Cutting 1

Turducken Cutting 2

Turducken Cutting 3

Turducken Cutting 4

Turducken Cutting 5

Turducken Cutting 6

More Turducken Cutting

The table is ready for it's first ever meal

The gang at the table...L to R: Jason, Chris, Jeff, Brian

Table Left.

Table Center.

Table Right.

Turducken Cross-Section

Jason biting into ""The Bull"" crab/cheese dumpling.

...and the aftermath.

Chris downing some bacon

Brian with a turkey leg

Jeff and his bacon tounge

Jason's distrubing 'Humping Ladybugs' artwork

Brian ready to chuck a dart

Jeff throwing for bullseye (cool dart-in-midair picture)

Jeff lining up for another throw

Jeff letting one fly (another dart-in-the-air shot)

Brian about to toss (a dart, not pink stuff again)

Brian ready to toss one in the center

Jeff with one last throw

Chris laughing at a ridiculous hockey replay

Jeff strumming "Ye Olde Mandolin"

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